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Beloved Ara

Once, a girl called Ara lived with her father in a small village. Her father was sick, and on his deathbed he wished, “Love her for me.”
love fiction children short-story

Follow instructions!

Carolyn said not to worry Rocket ships can be built a DIY of four stanzas short ones
poetry writing rocket-ship

Callous Rodent

Who coaxed the quill of my shaking hold from the pot there it drew its blackness to make some semblance of art in bold mistakes. Drunk out…
poetry quill writing

As I Walk Around The Neighbourhood..

I found a rainbow on the puddle left by a car wash I search the pavements for more
random something

House on the Cliff

The house stood on the precipice between worlds and dimensions an apparition or a changeling no one knows a sanctuary or a prison no one…
short-story fantasy poetry

On Moments

I knew a second I knew a minute a day and even a year, but Mom How long is a moment?
poetry moments time memories

The Only Outcome

When they left we beat our chests like childless mothers for when they came our enemies with weapons of might we fought hard gave them all…
poetry losing winning


All begun by crusading chariots demonic drawn effigies engineered for felony — guarding ghosts, humanly husk in impetuous initiatives…
poem alliterations poetry fresh-darlings-prompt abecedarian


the joke caught too many unknowing hearts
poetry senryu heart

The Elevator Broke Down

The journey up stairs was short and filled with capital letters


Finding reasons not to start my story this coward heart of me
writing poetry

Still Life

The soda-less raspberry soda under melted water in sweating glass.
poetry still-life left-behind

Her Morning

The realisation is the sensation an elevation of horror is the beginning a raining in the morning of betrayals on the chase in corridors…
poetry nightmare reality fresh-darling-prompt

Where is everyone?

The room is packed my voice echoes not but in my heart
senryu medium poetry following

My Fragile Organ

She whispers with lisps scarce out of her lips
listening-lai poetry lai sound listening

That word

When someone passed you in the mall and introductions were made.
thesaurus connotation office thoughts

Just Woke Up

I dreamt I rode a camel who leaned to the right just to hear me scream while people laughed took pictures of us the more I scream the more…
poetry fiction dreams camel

Why I don’t run

tl;dr 🏃👠😫⏱💔😵,😴💤👿⚖✌️🏃🚫👯👌
poetry emoji tldr


The waiting is not as bad as the not knowing
poetry senryu curious waiting

We superpowers

Response to Poetry Prompt “Paint”
poetry paint poetry-prompt chalkboard

Pantoum Fail #1

Don’t write pantoums like me. Don’t write pantoums, like me.
pantoum humour poetry failure

On Chinese New Years

Why do lions dance? They can’t tell the difference between types of signs
senryu humor chinese-new-year lion-dance

Such color

Do you dream in color of lands and time Where dews born not from wombs of tears? Where roses took hues the wind so blew? Where voices…
poetry colors colour dreams imagination

Road Kill

The dead crow lies dead, three black crows cried above. Mournful or joyful?
haiku poetry crows death

A Response to an Excuse Note

Excuse note here, by Vito Pasquale
humor letters

Time Travelling

Who says I can’t travel time’s mysteries, when every moment I do, just never back
poetry time-travel time

The Last Fairytale

Ever unwritten of a heroine not so princess of origin
poetry women fairy-tale empower

The Terror Of Poetry

Civilization ended on an uncalculated mistake. They thought the idea brilliant, of course, they came up with it.
fiction short-story poetry humor

Last night

The planet burst tiny fire flowers — Universe listened and did not comment
poetry new-year fireworks

What happened to my letter?

What happened to my letter The rose fragranced paper The blue ribbon wrapped over The writing never better
poetry rhymes

Summer heat on ice

still cooler than the daggers
poetry haiku summer

The Things We Change

One day, a start-up businessman came to a fortune teller to ask some advice for his new store.
short-story parable fate life fiction

Christmas Parade

The camel passed by.
haiku poetry christmas

Apply Vinegar for Shine

Spoon and Fork thought themselves in love star-crossed steel-forged stainless vows
poetry love


It’s not your fault, but my patience not your tightrope I’m not your lover
haiku poetry telemarketers daily-life

Lake Monday

5 PM Monday My colleagues discussed why “Lake” is always in front
poetry haiku english rant

The Tune of the King’s shadow

A translation of an excerpt from ‘Senopati Pamungkas’ by Arswendo Atmowiloto
poetry translation prose arswendo-atmowiloto

I roasted almonds — haiku

I roasted almonds They giggled as they cooled down today just begun